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EnderBags Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4

EnderBags is an incredibly convenient mod that’s been designed specifically to take care of all your storage needs and make sure that you’re never out of space again. One thing that almost every single Minecraft player does is horde items thinking that they’ll probably be of use at some point in the future. However, often times it can be rather taxing on the storage and players simply cannot store all the items that they want to and therefore have to let go of some. This mod has been built specifically with this issue in mind and does an excellent job of remedying it to an extensive degree.


The EnderBags mod adds large bags into the game, and each one of these bags has a pretty immense holding capacity. The bags can hold a total of 104 Item Stacks, which is more than enough for most people’s needs. In a way, the bag streamlines storage as well since all your stacks will be in a single place that you can conveniently access whenever needed. The recipe for crafting these bags is pretty straightforward as well so you’ll be able to get your hands on them without any difficulty.

To add an extra bit of convenience, the EnderBags also allows players to dye their bags which makes it really easy to set them apart from one another. As of right now, the mod only adds these bags, but the developer has stated that many great features have been planned for the future, for example, the ability to lock bags so that no one but you can access them. EnderBags isn’t compatible with InventoryTweaks yet, but this is probably something that’ll be fixed in the near future. Overall, this is a super convenient mod that gets rid of a lot of storage issues that players often face.

How to install EnderBags Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer
  2. Download EnderBags mod for your Minecraft version
  3. Install Forge on your Minecraft
  4. Run Minecraft, close Minecraft
  5. Put the mod in mods folder
  6. Run Minecraft, enjoy!

Download Link for EnderBags Mod

for Minecraft 1.10.2 / 1.10 / 1.9.4

for Minecraft 1.9

Credit: Gigabit101 – Original Thread on CursForge

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