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Faithful Reborn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10

There are lots of resource packs which claim to be faithful to the original look of Minecraft while making small changes and adjustments to improve various visuals in the game. The Faithful Reborn resource pack is another one of these types of packs, but that doesn’t mean it’s just like all the others. Where many “faithful” packs fail to keep to the original look of the game, this pack does a great job of making Minecraft continue to look like Minecraft while improving textures, colors and other visuals throughout the game. It only manages to do this with many small changes though.




See, a large, obvious difference would kind of be a failure for a pack like this, but that’s not what you get with the Faithful Reborn resource pack. Instead you get grass which reflects the light better, or wood blocks and trees that have a glossy, lively look to them, or cobblestone blocks which finally have enough sharpness to them to make out the individual rocks in the block. Because most of the textures in this pack look more or less the same as they normally do, it can be hard to see where the differences lie.



You might be best served by downloading this pack quickly, giving it a try and seeing if you like it with your own two eyes. There is no such thing as a perfect resource pack, and packs which look good to one person may look bad to the next. To be fair though, the Faithful Reborn resource pack is definitely one of the best looking “faithful” packs available for Minecraft today. Whoever made this took the whole faithful thing to heart and created something great here.

Faithful Reborn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Updated pack to latest snapshot.
  • Fixed torch, dead bush, and Skeleton horse textures.
  • Fixed Mojang Logo and realms logo.
  • Added Minecraft Realms logo.

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for Minecraft 1.7.X

Credit: sewa101

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