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Ragecraft Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9

If you’re looking for a quality faithful pack which manages to stay true to Minecraft’s vanilla look while also giving the game a much needed facelift and new appearance, you’re in luck. The Ragecraft Faithful resource pack is exactly what was described above, but it’s also something more than that. It’s a bright, colorful and varied resource pack with textures for every use. Some of these, like sugar cane and trapdoors, look exactly the same as they do in vanilla Minecraft, so Ragecraft isn’t as thorough as some other resource packs. But it’s still worth checking out.



The colored glass and clay blocks of Minecraft look wonderful in Ragecraft Faithful, so if you’re always wishing your windows or clay constructs looked better, then you definitely want to give this resource pack a try. Ragecraft includes connected textures by default, so that does help a lot with the glass. At a resolution of 64x, the textures in Ragecraft which are updated all look significantly better than their vanilla counterparts. Overall, the visuals here are high quality, and since that’s all you usually get from a resource pack anyhow, this one comes recommended. There are no custom sounds here though.


It seems that most textures in the Ragecraft Faithful resource pack are darker than normal. Maybe the overall lighting level in Minecraft is reduced by the pack, or some of the textures are just naturally dark. Whatever the reason, you’ll definitely want to bring along more torches than you’re used to packing the next time you decide to go mining or collecting resources after the sun goes down. If you do that you should be fine since there’s nothing else bad to say about this pack.

Ragecraft Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs

v3 for Minecraft 1.9:

  • Mycelium Side Snowed (Custom .json model)
  • Podzol Side Snowed (Custom .json model)
  • Shield Banners
  • Clock
  • Banners
  • Skin Customizer GUI (Unused GUI)
  • Cauldron Side
  • Cauldron Top
  • Oak Sapling
  • Birch Sapling

Download Links for Ragecraft Faithful Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X – 1.9.X

Credit: IStealyourRAM

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