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Fallout Paradise Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

When thinking about the Fallout game series the word “paradise” probably doesn’t come to mind for too many people. The games feature a wasteland of a world torn asunder by nuclear warfare and made nearly uninhabitable by radiation and mutated animals and people. The Fallout Paradise resource pack features a lot of dark, dirty, gritty textures that represent the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the games pretty well. Many blocks are designed to make common structures look like shacks put together piecemeal from bits of scrap found lying around. If you’re looking for something pretty, this isn’t it.





The main thing to understand about the Fallout Paradise pack is that it is a work in progress. This is not a finished resource pack. The things which have been done already do look pretty good though. Several items have been reskinned, the majority of construction blocks have been modified and there is more work planned for the future. Most players will notice Fallout Paradise is surprisingly green for the content it’s trying to emulate; maybe that’s where the paradise part comes in. There are lots of healthy trees, grass, mushrooms and other plants to find, grow and harvest. All the flowers are there too.





With Fallout 4 announced and slated to release in the next few months, it’s no wonder that people are getting hyped about the Fallout franchise again. Fallout Paradise is more than a little fan service though. It’s a fully functional resource pack with a lot of work put into it already and much more coming. It does allow Minecraft players to get a Fallout look and feel in their worlds, but there are many other Fallout-themed packs which do this as well. If you’ve seen several already, this one is nothing too special.

Fallout Paradise Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added new Textured Generator model to Blue_stained_glass.
  • Fixed Anvil items are not displaying the texture correctly.

Download Links for Fallout Paradise Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Lexline – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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