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Inventory Tweaks Mod

In Minecraft, players are always collecting various things; blocks which are dug up, ores which are mined and drops from hostile mobs all end up in the player’s inventory. This can create a huge mess, as many Minecraft players already know. Then, when it comes to storing that stuff later on, sorting things is such a time-consuming process that many players just dump what they have into a box and leave everything in disarray. The Inventory Tweaks mod is perfect for players who are sick of hand-sorting the goods from their inventory. It does much of that work for the player, in a single click instead of several.



Inventory Tweaks mod allows players to set up several parameters and conditions, to which the mod will refer when keeping the player’s inventory sorted. It automatically loads more items into the player’s hotkey bar when a space becomes available, too. For instance, say you’re building a cobblestone road and you have several stacks of cobblestone in your inventory, but only one spot on your hotkey bar for that cobblestone. When one stack runs out, Inventory Tweaks will just move another stack of cobble into the recently emptied spot. This can save players a lot of time in Minecraft.

Additionally, as tools are broken due to use, they will be replaced with fresh tools from the player’s inventory if they are carrying extra tools. This happens fast enough to stop the newly vacant inventory slot from being filled by whatever is near the player when their tool breaks, so there’s no longer any need to open the inventory and move things around after a tool breaks. Be aware that Inventory Tweaks is compatible with most other mods, but may be blocked from working during online play if a server is using one of many different anti-cheat plugins.

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How to install Inventory Tweaks Mod for Minecraft?

  1. Make sure Forge is installed
  2. Put the jar in your mods folder
  3. Run the game!

Download Inventory Tweaks Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 Kobata is the creator of Inventory Tweaks Mod

📣 About Project

Developer Kobata
Published📅 Oct 18, 2021

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Comments (17)

i hate this mod i tried it out it replaces alot of the buttons that i use like the middle button on the mouse in creative it sorts your items but i use it to get a ton of items


It’s all nice and all but only problem it’s that when you open a chest and organize your equipment all items are sorted. It’s frustrating when you have to clear your inventory to organize items in chests.

Exception in thread “main”[23:46:50] [main/INFO] [STDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]:java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError:invtweaks/forge/asm/FMLplugin : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

Rei, the button for sorting is in the right top of your screen. if it isn’t, try pressing R. It surely works in singleplayer!
although my auto refill tool doesn’t work with tools… help?

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