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Lucky Cases Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4

The Lucky Cases adds a fun little feature to Minecraft that allows you to collect cases that can give you access to any random item. If you’re familiar with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then you probably know about the chest system that basically lets you get your hands on rare weapon skills implying that you’re lucky enough. The Lucky Cases mod essentially implements the same system as the one in CS: GO but instead of getting weapon skins, you’ll be getting items that can help you out tremendously while in-game as long as you’re lucky enough to get them from your chest.



The chests in the Lucky Cases mod have pretty much every single item that’s registered in your Minecraft client which is why if you have any mods installed that add more items to the game, this mod will take those particular items into account as well which is a convenient feature that saves you quite a lot of hassle. These cases can’t be crafted which is why you’ll have to hunt down many mobs in order to find them as drops. You’ll also need a key in order to open them, and this key can also be acquired through mobs.



The items that you get from the Lucky Cases mod can be in one of five conditions ranging from Scarred to Untouched. The condition of the item will actually have a significant impact on its durability which is why it’s best to keep those items with good conditions and toss away those that come in a lackluster condition. The chance of getting every item is pretty much the same, and no item is prioritized above any other which is why you will always have an equal chance of getting a rare or mediocre item. Overall, this is a pretty neat mod that makes Minecraft considerable more enjoyable and gives players a convenient way to acquire rare items without having to craft them.

How to install Lucky Cases Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer, open it and install
  2. Open the Minecraft launcher and select Forge in the profile list
  3. Click Edit Profile and then Open Game Dir, this opens the game folder
  4. Create a new folder called mods
  5. Download the mod and put it into the mods folder

Download Links for Lucky Cases Mod

for Minecraft 1.10.2

for Minecraft 1.9.4

for Minecraft 1.7.10


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