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MiniGizs’ Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9

MiniGizs’ Resource Pack might not be the most fine-tuned or highest quality resource pack available today seeing as it is after all designed by someone who has a relatively low amount of experience designing resource packs but nonetheless it looks pretty darn good for what’s essentially a first attempt. It’s been built off the Faithful x32 pack so you’ll see that a lot of things feel quite similar to it but overall the MiniGizs’ resource pack does a lot to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack and stand out as a pretty well-designed pack that’s worth looking into if you want to give your Minecraft a fresh look.





MiniGizs’ resource pack doesn’t try too hard to provide a distinct or unique theme and instead focuses on staying faithful to the traditional Minecraft textures and tries to refine them in various different ways without altering their default look. The pack does what it does by sharpening the textures in a variety of areas, brightening the colors a bit, adding a much higher level of detail in its textures and then rounding all these things off with some very fluid animations that make Minecraft an absolute delight to look at.





The resource pack by MiniGizs is available in a resolution of x64 which is a tad bit higher than the usual x32. Of course, this does mean that the textures look pretty sharp, but this also means that players might struggle a bit with the game’s frame rate while using this pack if they play Minecraft on a low-end PC. The pack’s currently at 70% completion which is pretty impressive seeing as it just came out a few days ago and is bound to see a lot of improvements in the near future.

How to install MiniGizs’ Resource Pack?

  1. Download the resource pack.
  2. Open resourcepacks folder(%appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks).
  3. Drag and drop MiniGiz Resource Pack archive to the resourcepacks folder.
  4. Launch your Minecraft.
  5. Go to Options > Resource Packs.
  6. Move the pack to the right side of the menu.
  7. Click “Done”!

Download Link for MiniGizs’ Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.9.X

Credit: Gizmosrevenge1

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