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Playroom Font Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.4

Chatting is kind of an important aspect of Minecraft. For players who use an audio channel like Skype, direct communication is possible and there probably isn’t much typing going on at all. Everyone else uses the chat feature in Minecraft to talk when playing online. That text can get kind of boring and monotonous after a while though. The Playroom Font resource pack dresses up the chat window by changing the standard font into something a little goofier. You’ll find the letters feature many elaborate curves, loops and other loud features which make them kind of pop off the screen more than usual.


Because that’s all the Playroom Font resource pack does, it is kind of a hit or miss pack. Some people will like it and maybe even use it for the long term, but it doesn’t change a single texture in Minecraft, and that’s what most people are looking for when they download texture packs. This seems like something you could just as easily install in the Minecraft.jar to replace the standard font without actually making the game work harder to load the new font via a resource pack while keeping the standard font loaded too. It’s a mess, really.


The author of this resource pack claims Playroom Font has “fun text”. There’s not really anything fun about it though. It does look different from the normal text, so the new font accomplishes its goal well enough. It goes without saying that anyone can use this resource pack since it comes in the same resolution as vanilla Minecraft. No other textures are changed, so most users are going to get pretty bored of this one pretty quickly. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth a quick look though. The Playroom Font resource pack changes the default font in Minecraft’s chat window.

Download Links for Playroom Font Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Note: This resource pack only change the font!

Credit: NukeDuck – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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