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PvPTime Mod

PvPTime is an extremely useful mod that you’ll definitely appreciate if you want to have full control over the PvP aspects of your Minecraft experience. PvP is definitely one of the biggest attractions of Minecraft and one of the most fun things that the game has to offer, but it can become a tad bit annoying when strong players prey on weak players in a server without them knowing. If you are, or ever were, a new player in Minecraft then you’ve probably had the experience of getting absolutely wrecked by a strong player with powerful gear. PvPTime is a mod that tries to prevent these unnecessary occurrences from happening by adding a sort of timer to the PvP aspect of Minecraft.


The purpose of the PvPTime mod is to make it so that the PvP functions of Minecraft are enabled only when its night time. Due to this mod, you won’t need to worry about any surprise battles during your gameplay during the daytime because PvP will be completely turned off. However, come night time, the PvP will be enabled, and players who want to go against others will be able to enjoy engage in fast-paced battles. PvPTime is an excellent mod because it keeps the gameplay healthy and enjoyable for new players who just want to grow in strength as well as veteran players who want to battle against others.


Due to its functionality, PvPTime is a completely server-side mod that won’t work if it’s installed only on a client. To make things even more convenient, the mod can also be configured to customize the hours during which PvP is enabled/disabled. The PvPTime mod will also broadcast whenever PvP is turned off so, if you want to avoid PvPing, you’ll be able to take advantage of this message and get to safety before the chaos starts.

PvPTime Mod Features

  • Configurable hours when PvP is enabled or disabled per dimension.
  • Can be disabled in certain dimensions.
  • Can broadcast PvP time on/off.
  • Custom colors and message in a broadcast.
  • More features coming soon!

PvPTime Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 Changelogs

  • Recoded the mod
  • Readded support for Bukkit
  • Added support for Sponge

How to install PvPTime Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer
  2. Download PvPTime mod for your Minecraft version
  3. Install Forge on your Minecraft
  4. Run Minecraft, close Minecraft
  5. Put the mod in mods folder
  6. Run Minecraft, enjoy!

Download PvPTime Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 Guichaguri is the creator of PvPTime Mod

📣 About Project

Developer Guichaguri
Published📅 Sep 22, 2017

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