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Vibrant Fantasy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

There aren’t many words which describe this resource pack better than “vibrant”. With all of the bright colors, shades which don’t seem to fit into this world and a surprising level of detail in even common textures like grassy dirt, the Vibrant Fantasy resource pack is perfect for players who want bright, beautiful worlds to browse in Minecraft. Even the Nether looks brighter thanks to this pack, and that’s saying a lot considering it is one of the darkest, bleakest places you can find in the game. However, this resource pack does more than just make some textures brighter or bolder.



Thanks to the boosted 64x resolution, the Vibrant Fantasy resource pack makes many textures, even common ones, look better than ever. Sand looks absolutely fantastic thanks to the lines running through it, which make it look more like something that’s been blown around and found a way to settle into a block rather than something which is flat and doesn’t interact with the environment. Ore blocks are easier to tell apart than normal too thanks to a unique design for each – coal, iron, gold, redstone, lapis and diamonds all have their own special face which makes telling them apart simple.



While it does have many good things going for it, the Vibrant Fantasy resource pack is still an unfinished piece of work. Well, that’s not exactly true either – it works fine with Minecraft versions 1.7.X, but new blocks added by 1.8 are still being worked into this resource pack. In the end, this pack should replace normal textures for mobs, basic blocks, items, icons, miscellaneous textures and more, with the author leaving it open whether or not they will include custom sounds with the finished pack.

Vibrant Fantasy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Added Gold Ore
  • Added Lapis Ore
  • Added Coal Ore
  • Added Redstone Ore

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Nyroc

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