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Wextex Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the Wextex resource pack is how textures, even simple ones like foliage, appear to have layers and depth which they normally do not. It’s kind of surprising just how much better textures look when bumping Minecraft’s resolution up from 16x to 32x, but this pack provides more than just crisper versions of existing textures. Wextex is still relatively new and unfinished, but what has been completed sure does look good. It’ll take until sometime around Octoboer for the entire project to be completed and any truly accurate review to be written.




However, that doesn’t mean comments can’t be made about the work which has already been put into the Wextex pack. While leaves look better, you’ll notice that wool blocks actually seem to have decreased in detail. They are all flat pastel colors now rather than the bright, grainy blocks they are normally. The same thing can be said for colored clay blocks too, and this is where things become problematic. Because wool and clay blocks literally look exactly the same, you’re probably going to lose clay to breaking it with the wrong tool or no tool at all, like you would normally do with wool.



If you can get past that, the Wextex resource pack really isn’t that bad otherwise. And it’s probably a safe bet that the wool and clay blocks will be made to look more different in the future, when another update comes along. This might take longer than expected since this author is working with a few others on a total of five other resource packs simultaneously. If you’re looking for a pack that’s done already, or will be done soon, you can just pass this one up for now.

Wextex Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added Obsidian, Piston, Ice, Enchantment Table, Hopper, Cauldron and Cocoa Beans textures.

Download Links for Wextex Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: mrtwex – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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