BetterFPS Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.17/1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4

The name of the BetterFPS alone is enough to explain what the mod’s been designed for. Framerate has remained a constant issue for Minecraft ever since it surfaced many years back. It’s rather surprising to many people that this game suffers from framerate issues because its visuals don’t really seem to be that resource heavy. However, due to a lack of proper optimization, Minecraft requires players to have a relatively high-end PC in order to run it without having any issues with the FPS (Frames Per Second). Fortunately, there are many different mods out there that enhance the game’s FPS in various ways and the BetterFPS is one of them.


The BetterFPS mod does its thing by changing the way the game calculates the sine and cosines. Doing this allows the game to function much better so this mod is pretty much a godsend if you’re using a low end PC and are struggling to run Minecraft smoothly. Of course it won’t solve all the FPS problems you face with the game but it will certainly reduce them significantly which will allow you to have a much smoother and therefore more enjoyable experience when playing Minecraft.



One crucial thing to remember about the BetterFPS mod is that it has multiple different algorithms for players to choose from. Each of these algorithms is designed for the same purpose of increasing the FPS but some perform better than others in certain scenarios and this is why you might need to switch the algorithms from time to time in order to ensure that the mod keeps functioning optimally. To change the algorithms you can use the config file that comes with the mod or there’s also an in-game user-interface that you can bring up with the F12 key that can be used as well.

How to install BetterFPS Mod?

  1. Make sure Forge is installed
  2. Put the jar in your mods folder
  3. Run the game!

Download BetterFPS Mod


  1. i downloaded the 1.8.8/1.8.9 version and put it in my mods folder with optifine.jar and betterpvp mod with the latest forge 1.8.9 and it didn’t load up

  2. WOW I think that this is one of the best mods that I have ever used. helps soooooooooooooo much THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can play with more Mods now Thank you! this Is a really cool mod even if your game does not lag, It shows you FPS on your screen all the time!

  4. There is a thing called f3 mode, where it actually shows the FPS you’re getting in game, minecraft FPS has nothing to do with the Human Eye, the higher your FPS is in a video game, the smoother it runs, people can actually get 500-690 FPS in minecraft.

  5. I guess this mod kinda works on my pc. I get around 5 fps for when I use it with other mods but when I don’t use this mod I get the same fps but it seems to crash almost all the time.

  6. When I use this with other mods I still get around 5 fps but I can actually play it without it crashing all the time.

  7. If you had a 144 hertz monitor you probably would notice the difference up to 144 fps but above 144 fps would probably just be faster response times.

  8. GUYS. Here is how to get BetterFPS with Optifine WITHOUT FORGE! Download optifine first. Then double click optifine and install it.
    Once installed, get BetterFPS. After that, you must double click the BetterFPS .jar file, click install, and install it on the optifine version you see it on.


  9. Awesome mod! Works even better when I combine it with Optifine :). When combined, I get 50-90 fps instead of the normal 15-30fps that I used to get. Thanks 😀

  10. Hello, the 1.8.9 version is buggy.. on two pcs that i have tried to use it on it doesn’t return a version number so i can’t install it.. i have tried a few time but it still wouldn’t work.

    I then tried the latest one & that worked flawlessly, i did try to sort the problem myself but all that did was annoy me even further as i got more problems lol.

    Please fix the problem.. this mod is really useful to me.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  11. Personally, this mod worked rather well for me (on 1.10.2) however, on the Taylor’s Algorithm setting, my characters arms flailed uncontrollably, whenever i tried to sneak and walk forward with it on, it would (presumably) throw me into the air, i say presumably as i couldnt see anything during this time. Despite this, the mod was rather useful to me otherwise.

  12. This is a quote from the actual page:
    “You can only distribute the mod in modpacks. Do no repost this mod or claim ownership, all versions are only uploaded to CurseForge.”
    I do not know if this is an exception or not, I just feel like this needs to be said.

  13. I can’t use it. I put in the Mods folder the .jar file,but when I go to open Minecraft and go in the mods option there does not appear the BetterFPS. Can someone help me?

  14. I feel scammed i was looking at 1.8 mods and this came up but there is no 1.8 download!

    also i have optifine so its ok

  15. This is the worst mod i probably ever seen, when i selected a fps mode nd restarted my game when i joined a server everyone was glitching! it was so bad and my fps didnt even work at all they went for 60-60? Dont donaload this mod its a wate of time

  16. May I ask is there are ANY side affects, that change the game in any way, like disabling something to increase it, or is it just an fps increaser with no side affects, which would be great!


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