Bow Infinity Fix Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.112

The Bow Infinity Fix mod is something every archer in Minecraft has been waiting for, whether they know it or not. The Infinity magic ability makes it so a bow doesn’t need arrows to actually fire. Or, that’s how it should work, but in vanilla Minecraft the archer still needs to be carrying at least one arrow in his inventory, even though the bow doesn’t use the arrow when shooting, as the enchantment implies. This mod makes it so the Infinity ability works like it is supposed to, allowing archers to fire as many arrows as they want from an enchanted bow without carrying any actual arrows.

Naturally, this is the kind of mod that could get you into trouble while playing online. Even though it won’t work unless it’s also installed on the server being played on, any server which watches for hacks, mods and other cheats will still detect it on your computer, which could be enough to get you banned from said server if they are very strict about the use of mods. The Bow Infinity Fix mod is not something you should use during online play, unless of course you’re hosting your own server and don’t care if people shoot each other all day.


Though it isn’t implied by the mod’s author, the Bow Infinity Fix mod could theoretically be tweaked to allow for infinite ammo with all the different guns out there. That would be a handful of work even for an experienced Javascript writer, so it’s not something which will be covered here. The fact the possibility exists because of this mod is still worth mentioning though. If you think infinite should actually mean infinite, then you’ll definitely want to try out this bow and arrow mod which makes ranged combat in Minecraft much more attractive.

Bow Infinity Fix Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 Changelogs

  • Some bugs fixed!
  • Update for 1.12.2!
  • Started signing JARs in compliance with new Forge rules governing coremods.
  • Certificate included for verifying purposes.

Download Bow Infinity Fix Mod



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