Component Equipment Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

If you’ve ever tried the Tinker’s Construct mod for Minecraft then you will find some familiar features in the Component Equipment mod by spacechase0. Though the mod is currently incomplete, the custom interface has been developed to a deep degree, preparing the mod for the time when the author finally implements all of the new equipment items. Basically this mod lets you wear certain pieces of furniture or home components as if they were actually equipment: you can wear chests and ender chests as backpacks, just to name a couple examples. But that’s not all the mod offers either.


In addition to being able to use certain pieces of furniture and building materials as equipment, you also get the opportunity to add all kinds of new, customized enchantments to weapons, armor and items, giving them powers they could never normally have in vanilla Minecraft. Some of these abilities include Ender Greed, which automatically picks up any items or experience dropped within a certain range around the character. Higher values for the enchantment increase the automatic pickup range exponentially, and this can save a lot of time or even your life if you get caught in a horde of mobs.



To be fair, the Component equipment mod borrows content from a lot of other mods, not just Tinker’s Construct. Though it gets 4 materials and some graphics effects from Tinker’s Construct, this mod also borrows from Thaumcraft (1 material, 2 enchantments), IndustrialCraft 2 (1 enchantment), Thermal Expansion (1 material, 1 enchantment), and even the Forestry mod. All of this borrowed content has created a good foundation for a pretty cool mod, but so far the author seems to be too busy working with other projects to do much about this one. Hopefully it will be finished sometime in the near future.

Component Equipment Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Fixed ender greed not working for weapons.
  • Fixed “Unknown recipe class” warnings in console.
  • Removed persistium generation console spam.

Download Links for Component Equipment Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – SpaceCore and Forge Required

Credit: spacechase0 – Website:


  1. nice mod its nice as especially the customisability of the equipment but there I have with it. it picks up the items fine u can mine and pick up ore but u cannot drop any items at all and can u fix this issue plz cause this looks like a great mod.

  2. this mod is great everything is working but the items. when u pick them up u cant drop them any more
    can u fix this plzz cause it looks like a terrific mod

  3. Okay I don’t know if I’m just being stupid or what but I’ve played with tinkers and loved it but I’ve tried and tried doing the adding moddifyer bit but I’m still stumped I’ve tried the literal way after reading the book or can I not jump past making the persitium thing


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