Hatchery Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2


Hatchery is a pretty impressive mod that’s been designed for players who enjoy the agricultural side of Minecraft. The mod revolves primarily around chicken farming, so if you’re someone who enjoys spending time with this activity, then this mod will definitely make things a lot more enjoyable for you. It adds a variety of great new features, new blocks and even a spectacular new AI that functions quite nicely. Chicken farming can usually be a pretty tedious task but with this particular mod, you won’t have to worry about the tediousness any longer because it adds an insane amount of depth to the activity thereby making it considerably more enjoyable.



The primary feature of the Hatchery mod is the extraordinary chicken mating AI that it comes with. Through this AI, your chickens will be able to mate with one another, and that’ll speed up your farming process tremendously. On top of the top chicken mating AI, the mod also comes with a full-fledged brooding box that you can use to support the growth of chickens. In the Hatchery mod there’s also fertilized dirt and fertilized farmland that you can use for farming purposes and, finally, there’s even a nest through which you can hatch any eggs that your chickens lay.



In the Hatchery there’s also a progress bar that you can use to track how your eggs are doing, but it’s important to note that you’ll need the Waila mod in order to see the hatching progress bar since it won’t function otherwise. Overall, while chicken farming in Minecraft can usually be a rather dull and repetitive activity that a lot of players don’t want to engage themselves with, the Hatchery mod adds a lot of depth and functionality to this activity thereby making less a lot less tedious and a whole lot more enjoyable.

Hatchery Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 Features

  • New Chicken Mating AI
  • Nest for Hatching Eggs
  • Chickens Mod Support
  • Waila Support
  • Animal Net (Used to capture animal mobs)
  • Fertilized Dirt & Fertilized Farmland (Use hoe to till the soil)

Hatchery Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 Changelogs

  • Prep work for starting animal feeders, corn crops, basically everything dealing with feeding chickens.
  • Added new Fertilized Dirt and Fertilized Farmland.
  • Drop Rates on the eggs have increased in nesting pens.
  • Added config option to change the hatchery egg drop rates in Nesting pen.
  • Optimized some code, remove Unnecessary code.
  • Added new Localization.
  • Texture work.

How to install Hatchery Mod?

  1. Download the mod!
  2. When you haven’t installed Minecraft Forge yet, download and install it.
  3. Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  4. Have fun!

Download Links for Hatchery Mod

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Credit: GenDeathrow – Original Thread on CursForge



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