Hot Pixels Returns Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.8/1.8.9


Before getting into any major detail regarding this texture pack, first off it is worth pointing out that that effort of two separate developers have gone into making it. The original variant of the Hot Pixels was made by AgentPeter and later on it was picked up by Assassin794 who is managing its development as of right now. Since so much effort went into making this pack, it shows a lot of finesse and is definitely one of the most complete textures pack out there since it changes everything ranging from the environment textures to even the in-game mobs.






The purpose of the Hot Pixels Returns resource pack is basically to give Minecraft a more realistic look. It isn’t like those wacky packs that tend to give the look a completely new spin but instead it’s pretty simple and straightforward with what it does. The core purpose of it, as just mentioned, is to make Minecraft look more realistic instead of its usual blocky self. It does this by uplifting some of the colors, adding more detailed textures and just generally improving the overall quality of everything. The highlight texture of this pack definitely has to be the water texture; water just looks incredibly good after you apply this mod, the way it waves and of course its color are just spot-on and it’s overall a delight to look at.






The Hot Pixels Returns Resource Pack has received a lot of critical acclaim and it is definitely well deserved because it makes Minecraft look better than it has ever looked before. It’s even more impressive considering the fact that it only has a resolution of x16 which is fairly low but this also means that players with low-end PCs will be able to utilize the mod and make their Minecraft look absolutely gorgeous.

Hot Pixels Returns Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9 Changelogs

  • Updated to compatibility with 1.9.
  • New textures are coming soon.

Download Links for Hot Pixels Returns Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X/1.9.X

Credit: Assasin794



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