Kargeth Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

As far as medieval maps go, Kargeth will more or less blend in with the rest. It features a lot of wood and stone construction – simple structures made using simple tools. However, there are a few pretty sweet pieces of architecture to find interspersed throughout the city as well. The main town, Thasarion, features an expansive city wall players can walk on top as well as inside of, and the fortress of Spira is an intimidating sight, even if you know it’s empty. The map features many great places to set up a home, as well as plenty of land (not superflat) in every direction.











The problem with many custom Minecraft maps is, once you get outside of the city or tower or whatever the author created, there’s just not much to do. In some cases there’s literally nothing, as superflat worlds are about three blocks deep and don’t contain any ore or other valuables. The Kargeth map has everything. Though the ships in them don’t really move without the right mods to make them mobile, there are several ports to be found on this map as well, each of which offers a free and clear route to the next nearest city over the water and away from monsters.

Kargeth Map for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Next to various new builds, towns and city districts we also have a completely new city.

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Credit: Madnes64


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