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Greenfield Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Dubbed “the most realistic modern city in Minecraft” by the map’s creator, Greenfield does indeed look like a modern metropolis. Buildings are tall and wide, massive but faceless, much like the modern architecture of today. But it’s not all offices and condos either; there are several small neighborhoods to be found settled around the major urban center of the map, kind of like suburbs near big cities in real life. This specific map works best with a particular resource pack, which can be found bundled with the map at the author’s web page. This will really enhance the look of the place.




Even though the Greenfield map is over three years old at this time, constant updates and a new version released not quite 2 months back have kept the content fresh and ever-expanding. Players are invited to help build for Greenfield through the author’s page, where they can sign up to add things to the map. All the community involvement probably has a lot to do with why this custom map is still so fresh and new today, years after its initial release. Even if you don’t want to build for it, you can enjoy taking a long walk through this massive city at your leisure.

Greenfield Map for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Many more structures around the city for you to explore.
  • Some new subway track.

Download Links for Greenfield Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: THEJESTR – Original Thread on PlanetMinecraft

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can u help me because i want to download the optifine mod but it wont work? so i was wondering if u can help with this problem if u can thank you!

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