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Minecraft 1.8.7 Resource Packs

flows hd pack

Flow’s HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Flow's HD Resource Pack is very well done by "Lukolaz" and offers a total experience change when its use in Minecraft. Flow's HD has been maintained and by "_Eisregen_", but he abandoned work on...

Suiter’s Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Suiter’s Resource Pack is the type of pack that makes you wonder if you’re really sure about what you’re looking at. On one hand, many of the textures look boring or tired – until...
the realism

The Realism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Many resource packs claim to make the world of Minecraft look more realistic. They smooth edges, add pixels, boost the resolutions and textures of blocks, items and icons and make other changes to either...

SilverStone Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

The SilverStone resource pack may be a couple years old already, but thanks to a dedicated author it is still receiving updates, and was actually updated as recently as this month. This was to...
MCPatcher HD

MCPatcher HD for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.8/1.7.10

While MCPatcher HD isn’t technically a resource pack, it is one of the two most useful tools in terms of making resource packs and mods work flawlessly together. It’s right up there with OptiFine,...
aeon extension

Aeon Extension Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Unlike most resource packs which simply touch up or replace a few textures without doing anything else, here is something quite a bit different. While the Aeon Extension resource packs does update many textures...
shockingly simple

Shockingly Simple Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you’re looking for a good, simple resource pack for Minecraft, you’ve found it. The Shockingly Simple pack by GetGabenedHD maintains Minecraft’s standard 16x resolution so yes, the textures do look simple, but they...

XCOM Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

The XCOM resource pack is strongly based on the video game series sharing the same name, with many textures from XCOM showing up throughout the world of Minecraft. With the second game set to...
a brush more colour

A Brush More Colour Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

With a name like A Brush More Colour you’re probably expecting a very colorful resource pack here. You won’t be disappointed if that’s what you’ve come looking for today. Just about every texture in...