Mine Little Pony Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

Fans of the My Little Pony animated series are sure to enjoy the Mine Little Pony mod for Minecraft, which adds new textures and objects to make players look like some of their favorite ponies, or totally unique custom ones, based on the user’s preferences. Players who aren’t using a specialty skin will simply look like random ponies from the show, and this mod will work perfectly for you, in single player or multi player, even if the server you’re playing on doesn’t have this mod installed. It doesn’t interfere with any other mods, or at least it isn’t known to, so installing and using it should be easy.







Though the Mine Little Pony mod doesn’t interfere with any other mods, it still requires some special software to install and get working. LiteLoader, a mod loading tool similar to MCPatcher and ModLoader, is the tool recommended by this mod’s creator. Others might work with some tweaking, but LiteLoader will certainly work, so that’s the one to use. There is even a nice resource included for creating your own pony skins, though it only works with Firefox or Google Chrome, and only on Windows computers. It’s a necessity if you’re using this mod, however.

How to install Mine Little Pony Mod?

  1. Download and install the LiteLoader for Minecraft.
  2. Open the %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder.
  3. Put the mod file in mods folder.
  4. You must select the “LiteLoader” profile when launching Minecraft.
  5. Have fun!

Download Mine Little Pony Mod


  1. I can’t become a pony! The villagers and mobs are ponies but I’m not! I still have the human body… Can someone help me?

  2. This Mod looks pretty good. It has the Equestria, Ponies, Map and etc. But I only have one small problem, how about the other Versions of Minecraft? Please quickly solve this problem, others could not play. My Minecraft is 1.8.8, same as Phy. Some of us are eager to play on this Mod and is looking forward to, thanks.

    • You can choose which version to play in, so it’s no problem, just launch the game in an older version

  3. How do you make your own skins? I looked in the controls and there’s no button that allows you to customize your skin, so I’m confused about how to make a new skin.

  4. Umm are there coordinates for the Ponyville town in the images shown? or does that town not exist in this mod?

    Ive been flying around trying to find something, and haven’t yet 🙁

  5. I cannot download this mod for some reason. No matter where I download it, it always opens in Word and says that the file is corrupt. I have been researching for days, and nothing has helped. I would really appreciate it if someone would tell me how to download it. Me and my friend have been looking for this mod for years, and it would mean a lot if someone gave me some advice.



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