Saddle Up Seed for Minecraft 1.9/1.8

Minecraft players seeking a seed with a horse and saddle close to spawn will definitely want to try the Saddle Up seed the next time they generate a world. The map generated will drop players right next to a NPC village where the blacksmith’s chest has a set of diamond horse armor, lots of obsidian and even a few pieces of iron armor. But what good is any of that without a saddle, you might ask? There also happens to be a desert temple nearby loaded with diamonds, iron, more horse armor and most important of all, a saddle.


Because you can literally get everything you need to saddle up and start riding within a few minutes of loading up this world, it’s perfect for equestrians everywhere. There are perhaps a dozen horses mulling in and around the NPC village once the world is generated, so the only thing you really need to worry about is deciding which one you want to tame and turn into a trusty mount. There are some minor differences between the various types of horses, with some having a little more life or speed than others. Your best bet would to pick the beefiest beast you can find.



The Saddle Up seed is ideal for players who want a mount to take them off exploring other parts of the world. Because there is wheat in the village, you can even make a few hay blocks to heal your horse and keep it alive in case it gets hurt while you’re both out seeing the world. Really, this is probably the perfect seed for people seeking a fast and easy horse in Minecraft. The only way it could be better is if the saddle was in the blacksmith’s shop as well. It’s amazing when you think how far we’ve all come from riding pigs, isn’t it? The seed is 8678942899319966093.

How to use Saddle Up Seed?

  1. When you start the game, go to the “Create World” option.
  2. Find the “More World Options…” button.
  3. Enter your seed in the box below under “Seed for the World Generator”.

Seed ID


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  1. I have found 2 more villages and 2 more temples and a Mesa !
    – follow the river to the left if you see mountains you are going the wrong way ! You will find a village that the house are made so the villagers can’t get in and one more near it
    – one temple is near spawn but bairyed all but the last blocks, the other is near the Mesa but you can see the stained clay on this temple !


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