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Iceworld Seed for Minecraft 1.8

The Ice Plains Spike biome is one of the rarest in Minecraft, right up there with the elusive Mushroom biomes which contain Mooshrooms and don’t allow for hostile mobs to spawn. The Iceworld seed actually drops you right in the middle of an Ice Plains Spike biome, and if you’ve never seen one for yourself (and most players haven’t) then you’ll probably be awestruck for the first few minutes after the world finishes loading. Impossibly tall towers of ice that look like strange trees made from frozen water dot the immediate landscape and make it look like the surface of some alien planet.



It’s not just a seed with a pretty face though. At XYZ -344, 56, 631, which is actually very close to the natural spawn on the world, you can also find an ocean monument below the surface of the water. Because you don’t get these in ice biomes you will have to walk a little bit to get there, but it’s still very close to where you’ll start. You’ll be surrounded by frozen lakes which are impractical to fish along with cold, packed earth which doesn’t really make for good farmland, so finding a reliable source of food will probably be your main problem with this Iceworld seed.


Thankfully there’s a pretty big mountain near where you start. Even if it’s difficult to grow food outside, you can simply carve a small plot into the mountain itself and grow your food using torches and other light sources to replace the sunlight they need. Overall this seed is breathtaking if you’ve never seen the Ice Plains Spike biome before, but besides that there’s really not much to see, and very little to do on top of that. Though starvation might seem like a problem, you’ll find enough edible animals around to keep you fed even if you can’t farm them. The seed is 85490543201.

How to use Iceworld Seed?

  1. When you start the game, go to the “Create World” option.
  2. Find the “More World Options…” button.
  3. Enter your seed in the box below under “Seed for the World Generator”.

Seed ID


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The seed didn’t work for me……. I am really disappointed becau it looks like a really cool biome ! Please fix this glitch otherwise I’ll have to leave a report on the mojang and they will sort it out. Don’t think I’m a moody brat but this needs to be sorted. Every single biome seed I try it never works SORT IT ? I am a loyal costumer of mojang and they won’t be pleased if I’m not happy ?

Your sincerely

hey dude i have this world i got it by luckk !! there isnt alot of mobs around but its hard to find chickens and squid xD cause its all snow and this place you saw i found it soo if you want the seed just contact me at facebook and ill give it to you 🙂

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