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The Librarian Seed for Minecraft 1.9/1.8

For players hoping to get their hands on some books, paper and other materials right from the start of a new world, The Librarian seed makes a pretty good choice. In this seed, the player will spawn very close to a single NPC building, making it one of the smallest NPC villages you could possibly see. This single building is home to a lone librarian NPC too, which means a couple of things. First, there will be a crafting table, torches and bookshelves inside of the building, which means it would make a decent base for a player. Second, the librarian NPC comes with a random allotment of items.



Sometimes you’ll be able to trade for great things with the librarian who spawns while other times none of the deals will be any good – this is no different from the way villagers work in larger villages. To be fair, this itty bitty village does come with a small farm, so you’ll have access to some food items right from the start of the map. A small well nearby provides a fresh, permanent source of water as well. All of these factors would be good points about a base on their own, but when you combine them all together in this one location you get a village which is worth moving into, even if it’s small.



As for the seed, go ahead and paste the following into your Minecraft world generator to check it out for yourself: -1480351183376464763, Don’t forget about the negative (-) sign in front of the value or else you’ll end up rendering an entirely different world. Seeds are fussy like that, as you’ll already know if you’ve played around with Minecraft seeds in the past. A handful of horses in the surrounding area allow you to make use of any horse armor and saddles you might find too, so keep an eye open for them.

How to use The Librarian Seed?

  1. When you start the game, go to the “Create World” option.
  2. Find the “More World Options…” button.
  3. Enter your seed in the box below under “Seed for the World Generator”.

Seed ID


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