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Five Villages Two Desert Temples Seed for Minecraft 1.8

This seed drops players right in the middle of a desert. There are a total of five different NPC villages in the surrounding area, as well as two distinct desert temples. Any of these structures would make an excellent place to set up your home and live if you do decide to try this seed. The seed is tested and working with Minecraft 1.8, so be sure you’re using that specific version of the game when you try to generate your world. The world generation mechanic is often changed when the game updates, so older or newer versions of Minecraft are pretty much guaranteed to break this seed.


The best thing about the Five Villages Two Desert Temples seed isn’t even the villages or temples. If you dig straight down near one of the two main desert temples, you can find your way into a series of four different abandoned mineshafts, all of which link together below the ground. Veteran Minecraft players know this means diamonds, gold, lapis and redstone for days. If you don’t find enough resources in the village and temple chests to whet your appetite for wealth, there are plenty of goodies hiding just under your feet and waiting for you to find them on this seed.

While this seed is excellent for single player mode, it could actually cause some issues if you have multiple players on the map and in different villages. The game has to keep up with all of those NPCs and since there are literally dozens of them all told, the RAM usage on a multiplayer server running this map can get very high very quickly. ClearLagg and similar plugins could stop this, but then what would be the point of using a seed with all the villages anyhow? No, this is definitely for players to enjoy alone. The seed is -9065479248748140566.

How to use Five Villages Two Desert Temples Seed?

  1. When you start the game, go to the “Create World” option.
  2. Find the “More World Options…” button.
  3. Enter your seed in the box below under “Seed for the World Generator”.

Seed ID


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