Satoshi’s Treasure Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Few Minecraft maps deal with real life concepts like being late on your mortgage and having your home repossessed by the bank, but that’s just something that makes Satoshi’s Treasure a unique and interesting map. As the story goes, times are tough and the people of Norfield are struggling just to maintain a decent standard of living. A big disaster hits and then? Well, it’s up to Satoshi (you) to track down treasures through a number of puzzle-style maps, so you can pay off that loan, get out of debt and get back into your home. It is kind of a depressing story, but definitely a relatable one.






Satoshi’s Treasure is a combination of parkour, puzzle and adventure elements, all tied together in a straightforward course where the player can’t really deviate from the task at hand. There is no large, open world to go see and explore. That will be a little limiting for some players, while others will appreciate the way the map gets right to the point and keeps the player busy trying to achieve said point. To prove how far you’ve come in the map, there are code fragments you get after completing stages. With all the right fragments, you can finally get your hands on treasure at the end of episode 2.

Satoshi’s Treasure Map for Minecraft 1.8.8 Features

  • Explore huge ancient ruins.
  • Challenging puzzles that require logic.
  • Awesome cutscenes and special effects.
  • Custom resource pack with textures and sounds.
  • Real treasure.

Download Links for Satoshi’s Treasure Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Bauwks – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum



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