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15 Seconds Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

15 Seconds is a map loaded with many small, short challenges which the player must try to complete. Each of these is timed and if the player should take more than 15 seconds to complete any of the challenges, they will simply be killed and forced to restart after the last completed challenge. Think of this like a parkour map meets an obstacle course with some strong racing elements thrown into the mix and youโ€™ll have a pretty good idea what to expect from this map. Because it was designed in Minecraft 1.8, youโ€™ll need to be playing with one of the latest Minecraft clients to enjoy this map.





The best thing about this map is that the challenges are actually doable in the time allotted. You often get maps like this which are just impossible because of poor planning or a bad layout, but the 15 Seconds map isnโ€™t like that at all. It plays through just great. The challenges are varies and definitely difficult, but theyโ€™re not so hard they canโ€™t be beaten if you learn them in and out after a few trial runs. The difficulty scales nicely too, so youโ€™ll find yourself getting stuck more often on levels later in the map, though some of the early ones can be intimidating too.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

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