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30 Levels Map 1.11.2


30 Levels is a feature rich parkour map that’s been designed to keep players entertained from start to finish. As fun as most traditional Minecraft parkour maps are, one problem that exists in a lot of them is the fact that they become repetitive after a while because all of the levels are based on the same gameplay concepts. Due to this, these maps no longer remain fun after the first few levels. 30 Levels has been built with this particular problem in mind and, as it turns out, it does an excellent job of remedying it.

As the name suggests, the 30 Levels map has thirty different parkour levels for players to get through and each level features a 10x5x5 room that’s loaded with a variety of different parkour sequences for players to overcome. No two levels in this map feel similar, and this is exactly what makes it so enjoyable. One level might require you to have precise timing with your jumps, but the next level might require you to plan carefully and put a bit of thought into your gameplay. The map also features a neat AI robot that will keep you company by talking you through each level of the game. All the levels are packed with special custom blocks that can have a variety of special effects and this is something that you should definitely keep in mind so that map doesn’t catch you by surprise.

One neat little change that the 30 Levels makes to the traditional gameplay formula is that it teleports players to the starting point every time they fall instead of killing them. This is a welcomed change because it saves a lot of time and makes things a lot less tedious whenever players die. All said and done, this is a very engaging map that’s filled to the brim with tons of interesting features that can get players absolutely hooked.


  • 30 levels of parkour.
  • Upon falling, be teleported instead of killed.
  • An AI robot that will talk to you through each level.
  • Custom block mechanics.
  • All levels are tested and possible.
  • No invisible blocks.



  • Multiplayer is possible.
  • The map is an extremely controlled environment.
  • You can’t change the game mode, break blocks, and skip levels.
  • It is also highly recommended you don’t: Spawn in items, break command blocks or force teleport.

How to Install 30 Levels Map

  1. Download the map!
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Drag and drop the folder “30 Levels” into “C:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves”
  4. Start Minecraft.
  5. Select and play the map!

Download 30 Levels Map

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  • 👨‍💻 Bubblehunter99 is the creator of 30 Levels Map

📣 About Project

Creator Bubblehunter99
Map Category🏃Parkour
  • Java
Last Updated📅 Jul 27, 2023
Downloads⬇️ 15.4K

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Haii! nice parcour map, but i clitch always in lvl 10 , when i jump of the glass, to the quartz slab, i’m on it but then i glicth in the water? How?

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