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Acid Shaders 1.20.1 → 1.19.4

Experience a mind-bending journey with Acid Shaders, transforming Minecraft into a psychedelic and surreal adventure.


The Acid Shaders mod is just one of many different shader packs; all of these give Minecraft a different look by adding different colors, textures, shades, shadows, lighting effects, and other graphics. However, this mod is unique in that it focuses on creating a kind of psychedelic effect by warping far-off terrain based upon the in-game sin function, which is a measurement of distance. Rather than try to create a more realistic world, this mod goes full-tilt towards fantasy by making Minecraft look like something outside the scope of reality; like an LSD trip, almost.

Essentially, the Acid Shaders mod makes long-distance travel much more entertaining in Minecraft. When looking at the horizon, your screen will distort, colors will shift and things just won’t look quite right – but that’s the beauty of it. This is not a shader pack for people seeking a more realistic Minecraft experience and it certainly isn’t for those who become easily nauseated at subtle changes in whatever they might be looking at. That is, if you already take drugs like Dramamine for motion sickness issues, you will probably want to avoid this particular shader pack. Everyone else is likely to enjoy this one though.

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How to Install Acid Shaders

  1. Be sure to have the latest drivers for your graphic card.
  2. Download and install GLSL Shader Mod or Optifine.
  3. Launch Minecraft, go to Options > Shaders > Open ShaderPack folder, and copy Acid Shaders here.
  4. In-game, select Acid Shaders from the available shaders and have fun!

Download Acid Shaders

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  • 👨‍💻 BruceKnowsHow is the creator of Acid Shaders

📣 About Project

Developer BruceKnowsHow
  • Java
Published📅 Jul 14, 2023
Downloads⬇️ 400K

🔄 Update Logs

  • Added the sky back into the background.

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