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Clouds Pack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.5

Have you ever looked to the skies in Minecraft and wondered why they’re just so ugly? It’s a fact that the blocky clouds, pixelated sun and the moon and other features of the sky hanging overhead have long been a point of contention to Minecraft players. Sure, they do fit the theme of the rest of the game, but while blocky hills, caves and other terrain features kind of make sense, nobody has ever seen a cloud shaped like a cube – or the sun or the moon, for that matter. The super realistic Clouds Pack resource pack addresses this problem in a great way and improves the appearance of things you see when looking up.




First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have Optifine installed before you try using the Clouds Pack. It’s pretty much required to make some of the features in the pack render correctly, so you can’t afford to skip this step. Once everything is ready, installing this pack is just like installing any other resource pack. Just drag the files to the right folder and you’ll be ready to go. Clouds will instantly look more realistic and believable, like actual clouds you would see while out for a walk outside rather than the stuff you normally see in Minecraft. Unfortunately, the sun and moon are still square.





What the Clouds Pack does, it manages to do well. The low resolution of 16x means, there isn’t any lag associated with this pack, and that makes sense since all it really does change the look of clouds. This means anyone can use the Clouds Pack, and also to that, most people will probably want to since it improves the look of Minecraft without creating any additional burden on the player’s computer. The hyper-realistic Clouds Pack just makes clouds look rounder and less blocky.

Clouds Pack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.5 Changelogs

  • Some bugs fixed!

Download Links for Clouds Pack Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X – Optifine (required)

Credit: Kyle178965

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