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Cube World 2 Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

You know how people used to think the Earth was flat? It wasn’t even that long ago, when you consider the scope of time and how long people have been around on this planet. Cube World 2 is the second map in a Minecraft series which focuses on giving people true flat worlds. The massive cubes can be dug into like any normal Minecraft map, but unless you’re using some specific mods you can’t really walk on the edges or the bottom as if gravity was keeping you attached to the cube. If you walk over the edge on top, you’ll fall right off the world and down into oblivion.




The Cube World 2 map combined the ingenuity from maps like the Dropper series with solid core Minecraft gameplay to give players a unique experience. Everyone knows you shouldn’t dig straight down in the game, but on this map, you have a chance of literally falling out of the world if you do. You can find water, lava and plenty of plants, flowers and trees on the habitable side of the cube world, so you won’t necessarily need to build down along the sides and gather those resources. You could though, and the world would look very different after enough mining, chopping and planting.

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Credit: Tyken132 – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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