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Da Bells Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

DaBells mod is one of those rare mods which are simply practical. It adds a number of decorative bells to Minecraft which can be used to spruce up churches, gathering halls and other buildings which have, up until now, suffered from a lack of tintinnabulation. That’s ringing if you didn’t know, specifically that of bells. While there are a number of recipes for decorative bells of all kinds, some of which even work and make ringing noises when manipulated, this isn’t the real highlight of the mod. Well, it probably is for building fanatics. But there is something far more useful here for the majority of players.



In Da Bells mod, some of the specialty bells will bestow temporary enchantments on players who ring them. These are basic effects which are normally available through potions anyhow, so the benefit is somewhat limited. The fact you can get access to potion effects long before you go to the Nether is what really helps things out. With the right bell, you can increase your speed, jump height, damage resistance, health regeneration, resistance to fire and much, much more. This is actually the perfect mod for players who enjoy survival islands and don’t even want to farm the items needed for alchemy.


There are also multiple tiers for each of these enchanted bells, with stronger levels of each bell either boosting the duration of the effect, or increasing the strength of the effect, or both. Da Bells mod works just fine with versions of Minecrat up to 1.7.10, but you may experience some performance problems if you try using it with the latest release of the game. With 33 total bells, 5 different tiers and several decorative bells to go along with the utility bells, this mod has a lot to offer whether you’re a builder, an adventurer or a combination of the two.

Da Bells Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Server Crash Fix
  • Techne Bells and low res added.

Download Links for Da Bells Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Require: Minecraft Forge

Credit: sexydexydoo

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