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Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10

Many mods are standalone pieces of coding and scripting, but sometimes they have resource packs which were designed specifically to be used alongside them. In this case, Dante’s Roguelike resource pack was made to work with the Battlegear 2 mod, which introduces a number of new weapons and armor pieces to Minecraft. Even without that mod though, you could use this pack to change up the look of many aspects of the game, especially item icons and the vanilla weapons and armor. Some of the weapons even have video game references built right into them – four or so according to the author.


Though you won’t really see them without other mods installed, Dante’s Roguelike pack also adds a number of new shield images and icons to beef up the stuff you find standard in Battlegear 2. Some of the armor images are actually borrowed from another pack, Coterie Craft Valkyrie RPG. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this pack a sort of amalgam of several other packs and mods, but it does enough unique stuff to make it a pack all its own even while borrowing content from several different sources. The odds are good you’ve never seen a pack like this one, and what could do more to qualify it as a new thing?


With a low 32x resolution, this resource pack is light enough that most Minecraft players could use it without experiencing any significant slowdown in loading or rendering times. Again though, since Dante’s Roguelike resource pack was designed for use with the Battlegear 2 mod, you aren’t going to see most of the content added by the pack unless you have the mod installed too. It looks nice enough, but it looks amazing when used alongside Battlegear 2.

NOTE: This is a texture pack specifically designed for the mod Battlegear 2 mod !

Download Links for Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: MikuDesu

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