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Dinosaur Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft’s Dinosaur Dimension mod adds several new creatures, blocks and items to Minecraft, as well as a very important portal, which we’ll call the DD Portal. This custom portal acts a lot like the portals which lead to the Nether and End dimensions in vanilla Minecraft – it is completely unreactive until you turn it on, after which point it will continue to work without stopping unless you happen to break a piece of the portal. Just think of this mod like Aether, except with dinosaurs instead of rainbow-colored trees and landscapes floating in the sky like little pieces of heaven.




Once you’ve built the portal and traveled to the Dinosaur Dimension, you’ll be able to find 8 different types of dinosaurs, each of which has some unique features. For instance, the raptors move very fast, while the stegosaurs are bigger and slower but have more health and armor because of this. There are hostile dinosaurs that will attack the player on sight, such as the Dimetrodon. Some of these can be very vicious and easily kill even an armored player, so they should either be avoided or dealt with using ranged attacks when possible. They’re big and beefy, but they can’t climb trees like spiders.



Mod Showcase

For better or worse, none of Minecraft’s normal monsters appear in the dino dimension. That means you don’t need to watch out for creepers sneaking up from behind in the middle of the night. While this is good news, it’s also kind of bad news because it means you will only be dealing with those humongous lizards, many of which are stronger than the monsters you’re used to fighting on the normal Minecraft overworld. The Dinosaur Dimension mod does spice up combat a bit and make Survival and Hardcore mode fun again for a while, so it might be worth a look.

The current list of dinosaurs


  • Dimetrodon (“Two sizes of teeth”) — large, hungry, lizard-like creature with a sail on its back
  • Velociraptor (“Speedy robber”) — quick, cunning, and fierce during the night, they attack in groups
  • Pteranodon (“Winged without teeth”) — evil flying little beasts that attack you at first sight
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (“Lizard tyrant king”) — hulking monster that can easily outrun puny humans


  • Sauropod (“Foot lizard”) — peaceful giants of the Jurassic age
  • Stegosaurus (“Roofed lizard”) — armored and defensive in a fight
  • Triceratops (“Three horned face”) — like the stegosaurs, they only attack if you start a fight
  • Trilobite (“Three lobes”) — ancient bug-like crustaceans that fill the rivers

Dinosaur Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Uploaded, ready for beta testing!

Download Links for Dinosaur Dimension Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requirements: Forge for 1.7.10

Credit: sky_01

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