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Everlasting Abilities Mod

Everlasting Abilities is an extraordinary and highly in-depth mod that implements an extremely well thought out spell system into Minecraft. Before going into any details about the mod, it’s important to mention that it requires Cyclops Core Library in order to function so, before using the mod, you’ll need to install Cyclops Core if you don’t already have it. There have been mods before that add new abilities into Minecraft but none of those mods have been as well constructed or as in-depth as this particular mod which is why we definitely recommend trying it out if you want to add more depth to your Minecraft gameplay.

The key difference between the Everlasting Abilities mod and other spell related mods is that the abilities that it adds are actually permanent and will stay with you. You won’t need to equip any specific items or keep certain items in your inventory for the abilities to become available because they’ll always remain on your character. In order to use this mod, you’ll have to use the ability bottle that it comes with. Right clicking the bottle will give you access to a window that consists of multiple different abilities and you can drag these abilities onto your character. Equipping your character with an ability requires a certain amount of experience and this experience is returned whenever you return that ability back to the bottle. The experience system is great since it makes sure that the mod remains balanced and doesn’t become too overpowered.

Random starter ability
Swapping in and out abilities
Mobs drop totems
Loot chests

The Everlasting Abilities features multitudes of different abilities that players can equip. You can use the Flight ability to fly, the Jump Boost ability to increase your jump bight, the Hunger ability to make all entities in your immediate vicinity hungry, the Poison ability to poison all entities in your area and, similar to these, there are multitudes of other abilities that you can equip onto your character.

The following abilities are available:

  • Flight: Allows you to fly
  • Step Assist: Automatically step up a certain number of blocks depending on the level
  • Fertility: Animals in the area become fertile
  • Bonemealer: Bonemeal the area
  • Power Stare: Push away entities you’re looking at
  • Magnetize: Attract nearby items
  • Speed: Walk faster
  • Haste: Mine faster
  • Strength: Inflict more damage when attacking
  • Jump Boost: Jump Higher
  • Regeneration: Regenerate health faster
  • Resistance: Take less damage from attacks
  • Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire
  • Water Breathing: Breathe underwater
  • Invisibility: Become invisible
  • Night Vision: See in the dark
  • Absorption: Adds absorption hearts
  • Saturation: Reduce hunger
  • Luck: Have a higher chance on better loot
  • Slowness: Entities in the area move slower
  • Mining Fatigue: Entities in the area mine slower
  • Nausea: Entities in the area get nauseous
  • Blindness: Entities in the area become blind
  • Hunger: Entities in the area become hungry
  • Weakness: Entities in the area become weaker
  • Poison: Entities in the area become poisoned
  • Wither: Entities in the area become withered
  • Glowing: Entities in the area start glowing
  • Levitation: Entities in the area start levitating
  • Unluck: Entities in the area have a lower chance on good loot

How to install Everlasting Abilities Mod

  • Step 1: Install Minecraft Forge and Cyclops Core.
  • Step 2: Go to your .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Step 3: Put EverlastingAbilities-X-X.jar and Cyclops Core in your mods folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).
  • Step 4: Start Minecraft and play!

Required Library: Cyclops Core

Download Everlasting Abilities Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 kroeser is the creator of Everlasting Abilities Mod

📣 About Project

Developer kroeser
Published📅 Jan 10, 2022

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Comments (2)

Hey! A bit of feedback: Bug: Regeneration 1 and 2 don’t seem to work. I guess the buff refreshes too quickly for the ticks to occur, so they are useless. As for saturation, after getting the buff, even if it runs out, the buff remains in the list of buffs for a long while, even if they do not any effect anymore.
Suggestion: Making an option to make some of the abilities taking more than 1 slot per level, in case you have limited slot. For instance, it would be good to have Wither at 2 slots, Flight at 3 slots etc.. (and being able to edit them if needed)
Anyway, this mod looks interesting, even if I find some of the effects a bit OP (had to nerf them a lot while testing them… but happily, we can config them, so..)

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