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Fast Food Mod for Minecraft 1.8

You might wonder how a concept like fast food could even make it into Minecraft, where players have to hunt down animals, kill them, butcher them and cook the cuts of meat on their own just to get food that won’t make them sick. Well the Fast Food mod seeks to answer that question by providing plenty of greasy, fatty foods for players to chow down on – when it’s finished being developed, anyhow. Right now, Fast Food isn’t really working yet, but that’s not surprising considering the mod was only recently released. It was actually launched early February 2015, so it’s very new at the time of writing.





Because it is still under development, there is little to say about the Fast Food mod right now. It isn’t clear what food items will be added to Minecraft, how much they will feed the player or what special properties the food might have, like giving the player haste or making them jump higher. It’s because of this lack of knowledge that players interested in bringing a wider variety of food to Minecraft will probably want to check back on this mod often. There is a developmental version released which features the special crafting table used to make the new foods, but even that is sparse on actual content.

If you’re feeling helpful, you might consider downloading the Fast Food mod and giving it a try yourself. Then you could report on any bugs or glitches you find in the mod, so the developer knows what needs to be fixed. Fast Food is currently being managed by danielm59, a user you can find over at That’s a popular spot for looking up all kinds of Minecraft mods, by the way. All that said, it’s difficult to really review Fast Food just now; check back again in a few months once more content has been added to the mod.

Fast Food Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Some bugs fixed!

Download Links for Fast Food Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – This mod is still under development!

Credit: danielm59 – Original Thread on CurseForge

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