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HayCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Horses were a pretty big deal when they finally found their place in the world of Minecraft. But the hay blocks which area used to feed and heal them never really got much attention. Sure, they make a good way to store massive amounts of wheat in a smaller space, but beyond that, hay is useless. Or at least that’s the way hay normally works. The HayCraft mod adds a number of new blocks and building pieces to Minecraft. Like the name suggests, all of these additions are also crafted using hay in some way. At the very least, this mod gives you a new way to utilize a resource you rarely use.



Made to work specifically with Minecraft 1.7.10, the HayCraft mod won’t work with the latest version of the game, though you can still use it if you are willing to dial back your Minecraft client to an earlier version. Hay can be used to make stairs, slabs, building blocks which look like stone bricks but are composed of hay, trapdoors and even panels, like the wooden, golden or iron panels you use to activate machines or redstone circuits. With the wide range of blocks you can make just using wheat, this mod does make it possible to live a comfortable life on even a small island if you start with some seeds.



Oddly enough, one of the recipes added by the HayCraft mod also calls for squid ink sacs, which means you’ll finally have a use for those besides making dyes or writing books. If you find that you enjoy this mod, you might want to check out several others from the same author. FlowerCraft, StairCraft and others are all by the same person, so you can expect each of these to look as good and work as well as HayCraft here.

Download Links for HayCraft Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Recommended Forge API – Download

Credit: Blubbeltasche – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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