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Minions Map for Minecraft 1.8.1

First and foremost, the Minions map was specifically designed to work with Minecraft 1.8.1. It has already shown compatibility issues with earlier versions of Minecraft as well as more recent releases, so if youโ€™re planning to try out the map, be sure you are using Minecraft client version 1.8.1 when you do. Minions is essentially a Lemmings clone which features an expansive sidelong view of the current level. Your minions drop in through the ceiling just like Lemmings and then start walking. Theyโ€™ll walk right off cliffs or into pools of lava too unless you give them proper instructions before that happens.




You can command your minions to dig holes, mine through walls, build stairs, blow up terrain with bombs and perform a number of other tasks. Each of these unique abilities must be used in tandem if you want to clear the gameโ€™s later levels. It starts off easy though so youโ€™ll have some time to get used to the way the Minions map works before you get hit with any serious challenges. The best part about this map is probably the built-in level editor which you can use to make your own levels and then export them to share over the Internet. How many other maps are fun, competitive and community-based?

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for Minecraft 1.8.1

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