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Nether Eye Mod for Minecraft 1.8

When you create a new Minecraft world, regardless of the biome size or where it is you happen to spawn, you only get three strongholds and that’s it. These can be incredibly hard to find and without tells like the Eye of Ender, you may never find a hidden stronghold in your Minecraft world. The Nether Eye mod adds a special item which works in a very similar fashion to the Eye of Ender, except it shows you the way to the nearest Nether Fortress instead of the traditional type. Finally, you can get your hands on some nether wort and blaze rods and fast.


The Nether Eye mod is highly useful; or rather the item it adds is highly useful, so the mod is definitely worth a download. It adds no other special items, monsters, objects or any content at all – you get one recipe to make one item and that’s it. By combining an ender pearl and a lump of magma cream, which you can do at a crafting table or right in your inventory, you get 1 nether eye. Getting to the Nether is already hard enough, so if you’re sick of wasting time while trying to avoid falling into lava death pits, you will probably like this mod.

Nether Eye Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Fixed a bug where the Nether Eye didn’t show the correct texture when throwing it.
  • Fixed crash by outdated dev environment.
  • Improved some code.
  • Fixed possible, but uncommon, server crash.

Download Links for Nether Eye Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Requests: Minecraft Forge

Credit: wuppy29 – Website:

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