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OnlinePictureFrame Mod

OnlinePictureFrame is an excellent mod that’s been designed purely for cosmetic purposes. We want to point out before going into any detail about the mod that it’s been designed purely for the sake of visuals. If you’re looking for extra gameplay functionality then you’ll probably have to look elsewhere but, if you want to enhance the visual side of things a little bit, this mod is sure to deliver. It’s important to note that the OnlinePictureFrame mod requires CreativeCore to function properly so you’ll need to have it installed before you use the mod in order to avoid technical issues.

The OnlinePictureFrame basically implements a special frame into Minecraft that can extract any picture from the internet and display it within the game. The picture frame is great because players often need to display pictures in their servers for various reasons and doing so manually is quite tedious but, thankfully, this mod makes it so that players can do it without any trouble at all by taking the pictures from the internet. Thanks to this mod, you won’t ever need to upload files into the server and the server won’t lag both because the picture that’s being displayed will be taken from the internet and isn’t directly being sent to players.

The best part about the OnlinePictureFrame mod is the fact that the frame it has to offer is actually fully customizable so you can adjust its dimensions exactly according to your preferences. You’ll be able to customize its size, rotate it around or entirely flip it if you want to. Basically, you’ll be able to do everything you can do with a frame in the real world and then some. Overall, this is a great mod that you’ll certainly like using if you want to display images in your Minecraft world.

How to install OnlinePictureFrame Mod?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Put the mod’s .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

Required Library:

Download OnlinePictureFrame Mod

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📣 About Project

Developer CreativeMD
Published📅 Jan 20, 2018

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Comments (8)

Hello Swadloo99. I have tried to write the command that you said, but he answers that no object exists with the name opframe:opframe.
What do I harm?

So, I downloaded the mod. but where is the item?? I can’t find the item in the inventory tab when using creative mod. Is it broken or…….if it’s not broken can I atleast get the name of the item?

Okay so downloaded this mod along with Cretive core and I started a new world… HOW DO I USE THE MOD NOTHING HAPPENS! I CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITH PAINTING!

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