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Ore Whacker Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Because so many custom Minecraft maps are made for a single player, it’s pretty cool when a decent multiplayer map comes around. Ore Whacker supports up to four players simultaneously and it’s actually more fun with more people, as more people means there will be more scores to compare at the end of the map. Basically, everyone starts at a focal point right in the middle of everything. After everyone presses a button to show they’re ready, players climb into minecarts and launch themselves along the built rails to start the game.






While you speed along on your predetermined route, you’ll be able to break blocks of ore on your sides and above you. Whoever has the most valuable ore at the end of the line is usually the winner, but most players like to use a points system which gives an increased value to rarer ores, like making diamonds worth three or four pieces of coal, just to give an example. The map has no reset feature but you can always restart it using a fresh copy if you want to play through it again. Overall, the Ore Whacker map provides some serious fun at a fast pace, making it unique among Minecraft maps.


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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: JayMineCrafton and CDFDMAN – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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