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Recipe Book Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

Keeping track of recipes in Minecraft has never been easy. Players need to either gather the resources to write their own book and then start etching every recipe they want to remember, or they need to have a Wiki or other craft guide open and ready to tab over to while they play. The Recipe Book mod fixes this by cutting out the feather requirement and letting players create a complete recipe guide for Minecraft, with every standard recipe included, by combining just a book and one ink sac from a squid.


The recipe has no particular shape or layout, so it can easily be made directly from the player’s inventory, without the need for a crafting table or other crafting elements. While players would normally have to write down every recipe they find and keep notes about how to arrange ingredients when crafting items, the Recipe Book mod takes care of everything. Once the book is open, reading the next or last page is as easy as left or right clicking, respectively.


Recipe Book requires ModLoader to function, and if you install these two mods, make sure they are compatible versions if you want them both to work correctly. ModLoader should let you know if your current version of Recipe Book will work, even before you start playing Minecraft, so just pay attention to the prompts and they will let you know if you’re good to go.


Recipe Book mod is a solid Minecraft mod for players who want to craft everything. It may not work with mods which add more crafted items to Minecraft, but it could with a little tweaking.

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for Minecraft 1.6.2 – Requires ModLoader

Credit: Risugami

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