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Warp Shrines Mod

Warp Shrines is among the more recent releases in the pretty enormous line-up of teleportation focused mods available for Minecraft. Teleportation based mods have almost become necessities at this point because the world of Minecraft is quite enormous and it can be made even larger with the help of mods. The massive game world becomes a bit of a chore to explore on foot, and this is why it doesn’t really come as any surprise that teleportation mods are so popular. However, out of all the teleportation maps we’ve seen, Warp Shrines seems to feel quite unique, and this is why it’s certainly worth a shot.

The key thing that sets Warp Shrines apart from other teleportation mods is the fact that you don’t feel like cheating when you use it. A lot of mods in this particular category tend to oversimplify things a bit too much for the players, and this is why it doesn’t necessarily feel fair to use them but, with the Warp Shrines mod, that isn’t the case. The mod’s been built to be considered balanced while simultaneously giving players the convenience to warp to various different places in the game world.

The Warp Shrines mod basically implements special 3×3 shrines into the game that, when stepped on, will give you access to a teleportation menu that’ll take you anywhere. In Warp Shrines mod, these teleportation services can’t be used for free, and they actually have to be paid for with experience or some other thing. The requirement to pay in order to use the teleportation functionality is exactly what makes the Warp Shrines mod so balanced. Perhaps the best thing about the mod, though, is that it’s completely server sided so, as long as a server has it installed, you won’t need it installed on your client in order to make use of it.


  • /warp
    • help – Brings up the help text.
    • go [name] – Attempts to teleport you to a point.
      • Will fail if you do not have the XP required or have not visited that warp yet.
    • cost [name[ – Get the cost of warping to a point.
    • list – List of warps you have access to.
    • make [free?] [name] – Creates a warp point. [OP only]
      • The ‘free’ argument is a boolean, True = free, False = paid.
    • remove [name] – Deletes a warp point. [OP only]

How to install Warp Shrines Mod?

  1. First, install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Warp Shrines Mod and put the file into your “mods” folder.
  3. Run your game or server!

Download Warp Shrines Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 dries007 is the creator of Warp Shrines Mod

📣 About Project

Developer dries007
Published📅 Aug 9, 2017

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