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Advanced Repulsion Systems Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

If you’ve used any of the mods from Immibis before, then you should already have the Immibis Core mod, which helps his mods to work. Immibis is the author of several mods, including the Advanced Repulsion Systems mod, so this is a good file to get your hands on if you plan on trying this or any other mods from that author. Getting back to it, this mod is actually a mod for another mod – it adds some new content to Buildcraft, which adds lots of newer technology to Minecraft to make it look and feel like a more modern game rather than something about a guy trying to survive in the woods.



The Advanced Repulsion Systems mod allows users to create new blocks and items which will help to propel their custom vehicles. What it basically boils down to is collecting the necessary materials to build a rocket and then strapping it onto the back of whatever it is you’re driving around thanks to Buildcraft. To be honest though, it’s really more of a gravity repulsion system rather than anything utilizing rockets. You’ll be moving your vehicle around using a system of forcefields pushing it in different directions. It can be complicated to set up, but this mod does work.

Because the Advanced Repulsion Systems mod was made to work with Buildcraft, you won’t get much if anything out of it unless you have that other mod installed already. If you don’t, you’ll need to track it down first. Don’t try to install this mod before you have the requisite mod first. Also, since both of these mods work with Minecraft Forge, you’ll want to use that to automate the installations for you. You could always do it yourself, but the program will eliminate many opportunities for you to make errors which would harm or break the installation.

Download Links for Advanced Repulsion Systems Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requires Minecraft Forge and BuildCraft Mod

Credit: immibis

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