Damage Indicators Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4

Damage Indicators Mod is a very useful mod and you will be using this all day long. Minecraft is a very lovely game and if you are an old and experienced Minecraft player, than you know that this game can provide you more stuff than any other games, especially if you have the right mods installed. Anyhow, there are some ideas that are missing in Minecraft and all the developers are working to add these ideas as fast as they can so every player could be entertained. Think about mobs and the damage you deal. There is no feature to show the mobs health or how much damage you deal to that mob, but the Damage Indicators mod is now implementing that idea into your game, so all you have to do is to kill more monsters!


How to Install Damage Indicators Mod?

  1. Download Forge API and Damage Indicators mod file.
  2. After installed Minecraft Forge API, just run one time the Minecraft.
  3. Now, download the Damage Indicators jar file, the download links are below!
  4. Open and select profile to be Install Damage Indicators Mod.
  5. Have fun!

Download Damage Indicators Mod


  1. Do not download! Caused crash on load and now I have to reinstall minecraft (1.8). No instructions anywhere on how to uninstall this mod. Thanks a lot.

  2. Guys, it’s not really for 1.8. Both links will download for 1.7.10. If you want damage indicators for 1.8, use the OFFICIAL SITE. ATTENTION: DO NOT USE THIS FOR 1.8. IT WILL NOT WORK.

    P.S. I’m fairly sure that that wasn’t the real PopularMMOS, either.

    • If you do some reseach, you will see it is a official links for DOWNLOAD, which are created by “rich1051414”. Didn’t you lie!

  3. lol worked fine for me. you guys just dont know how to install mods.
    plus if you dont want to use it just switch profiles at the launcher.

  4. Das von dir verlinkte Misa-Pack ist aber ein adenres als du in deinen Videos benutzt Ich komme wenn ich oben auf Misa klicke in den Thread in dem Misa Ihr Realistic Texture Pack vorstellt Allerdings sind die dort enthaltenen Texturen nicht die gleichen die du nutzt. Steht dein Pack noch irgednwo zum Download ?gMe

  5. I run damage indicators on 1.8 fine. You should just look up the title and try downloading from other sites.


    not real… maybe

  6. Puede ser que este mod no es compatible con otros?
    Estuve una hora preguntandome porque cada vez que veia a un enemigo se me ponia la pantalla negra o directamente veia atravez del mundo. Alguien más tiene este problema? Alguien sabe como resolverlo?

    Could it be that this mod is not compatible with other mods?
    I had been a whole hour asking myself why everytime i put my eyes on a enemy the screen turned black or simply let me see through the world. Am i the only one with this problem? Does somebody have any helpful answer?

  7. Everytime i see a mob, the damage indicator appears, but the screen goes black, after looking away it fixes but i had confirmed that it’s because of this mod. Did anybody else have this problem before? Does anybody know how to fix it? Please help me!

  8. Minecraft Six is toats garb. Y u gotta lie 2 da peepls, brah? Dhey jus want de mods, not lies. Pls no moar lie 2 de peepls

  9. i used the mod when i look a villagers it enable frikin x-ray i mean is this a bug or just plain crap this is giving me on purpose

  10. Why Don’t It Show Up The Health of the animal it only shows the damage like 1 , Critical Hit like that and etc.

  11. Hey, Tails here, I got this mod and i need to know how to fix the “look at mob and everything lights up” bug, so PLZ FIX IT!!!! Tails out.

    And yes I am REALLY TAILS

  12. Actually, it does work for both. Just open the jar file and follow the instructions. It isn’t one of those mods that you just put in the mods file.

  13. Guys I installed to 1.8 and is working for me for those who the mod dind work try installing forge 1.8-

  14. Thanks a bunch viel für den Austausch mit uns allen wirklich Sie wirklich wissen, was Sie Sie reden! Markiert. Bitte Bitte besuchen Sie auch meine Website =). Vereinbarung zwischen uns, wir könnten einen Linktausch zu haben!


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