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Decoy Dragons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Right now, the Decoy Dragons Mod is rather small. It doesn’t do much to change up Minecraft, but it does implement a number of small dragons which the player can tame and then use for several purposes. So far there are specific dragons based on biomes, and you won’t be able to find an ice dragon in a desert, for instance. All of the dragons which have been implemented so far also come along with a specific taming item that works for them, and all of the dragons in the mod can be tamed by using their items, so there are no broken items or impossible dragons.




Interacting with your tamed dragons is easy enough. Right clicking them will have them sit and stay in one location, or get up and start following you around, much like a tamed wolf mob. Unlike wolves, the dragons are completely immune to fire damage and they also cannot drown in water, so they’re pretty much invincible against any liquids Minecraft has to offer. That means you can take them swimming with you in the Nether if you gulp a fire resistance potion first. The dragons come with their own unique tier systems as well.




The Decoy Dragons Mod focuses on a special type of ore called rainbow opal. Chunks of the ore work as a taming item for the weaker dragons in the mod, but you need to use pure rainbow opal gems if you want to have any chance at catching the more powerful and venerable types of dragons in the mod. Decoy Dragons took a lot of inspiration from the DragonCatcher mod, and you’ll probably see this for yourself if you’ve tried that mod in the past. It is by no means a copy though – this mod is packed full of unique dragon content.

Decoy Dragons Mod Showcase:

Decoy Dragons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Added Telephone Angel Dragon!
  • Dragons (excluding angel dragons) breed with beef.

Download Links for Decoy Dragons Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Forge Required

Credit: DecoySoftTeam – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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If anyone doesn’t know Telephone is a furry (A “Furry” is someone that likes anthropomorphic Animals witch are animals with human like characteristics) JUST GOOGLE IT OKAY!… but anyway ugh… nevermind…

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