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DimensionalDoors Mod

If you’ve ever wanted a doorway in Minecraft that can take you into another dimension that’s filled with intrigue and adventure then DimensionalDoors is a mod that you need to be trying out. The DimensionalDoors mod was originally designed a long time ago by Stevenrs11 but that particular version of the mod didn’t have support for the newer versions of Minecraft because it stopped receiving updates. However, as of recently, this mod has been brought to life and now comes with full support for the latest versions of the game so, if you have an updated version of Minecraft and have always wanted to try this mod out, you’ll now be able to do so.

The DimensionalDoors mod implements a whole bunch of doors that can transport players to many different kinds of dungeons. The dungeons can either be extremely simple and easy to navigate through but, at the same time, there’s also a chance that you can be teleported to an extremely tedious dimension that pretty much functions as a maze. Regardless of the dimension you get, though, you’re bound to have a delightful experience with this mod because exploring different kinds of dungeons is quite enjoyable and adds a lot of depth to the game.

Mod Showcase:

As for the doors themselves, the DimensionalDoors mod features multiple kinds of them such as the Oak Dimensional Door, Iron Dimensional Door, Gold Dimensional Door and various other. One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the dungeon you get will actually depend upon which door you go through so, if you go through a hard to craft door such as the Gold Dimensional Door, you’re a lot more likely to stumble upon a dungeon that’s filled to the brim with treasures that you can get your hands on.

DimensionalDoors Mod Update Logs

for Minecraft 1.12.X

  • Switched to a new fractal-based rift render.
  • Made rifts slightly glow and emit void particles.
  • Made the rift size grow logarithmically over time.
  • Made the rift remover slowly close the rift.
  • Added a rift stabilizer tool which freezes a rift’s growth.
  • Added a warning when trying to place door too close to rift.
  • Added colored ancient fabric.
  • Added recipes for colored altered fabric (black or white fabric + dye).
  • Made textures look more similar to the item (cross-shaped rather than plus-shaped).
  • Added music disc for limbo music.

How to install DimensionalDoors Mod?

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest mod version for your Minecraft version.
  3. Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.

Download DimensionalDoors Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 Runemoro is the creator of DimensionalDoors Mod

📣 About Project

Developer Runemoro
Published📅 May 2, 2018

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