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Dynamic Sword Skills Mod

There are some mods which add different types of swords and other weapons to Minecraft, like the Elemental Swords mod. Then there are additions like the Dynamic Sword Skills mod, which introduces new ways to use the same old weapons, rather than adding new weapons to the game. This mod is about more than just new ways to hit your opponents too – you get other combat moves like parries, dodges and movements to put you in a better position to land a killing blow on your enemy. Players will start with a Basic Sword skill orb and new orbs can be found by killing enemies and even other players.





Because it was designed to work with the Minecraft Forge API, the Dynamic Sword Skills mod should be compatible with any other Forge mods you already have installed. In fact, it’s actually a standalone version of another Legend of Zelda mod by the same author – it features many of the sword skills and special attacks but none of the extra mobs, furniture or other items. If you don’t want to farm orbs then you don’t need to; the latest version of this mod comes with custom commands that can give the skills to you or anyone else on your server, if you wish it.

Dynamic Sword Skills Mod Update Logs

  • Crash generating skill sword loot.
  • Missing a target while locked on did not reset the player’s attack cooldown.

How to install Dynamic Sword Skills Mod?

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for Minecraft.
  2. Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft and press Enter.
  3. Download Dynamic Sword Skills mod and SwordSkillsAPI.
  4. Place the .jar file inside the .minecraft/mods/ directory.
  5. Open the launcher and select the Forge profile!
  6. Have fun!

Download Dynamic Sword Skills Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 coolAlias is the creator of Dynamic Sword Skills Mod

📣 About Project

Developer coolAlias
Published📅 Jan 19, 2018

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