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Genuscraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you’re looking for brighter, pastel colors and flat textures in your Minecraft world, you’ll want to take a good look at the Genuscraft resource pack. You can plainly see it in ore blocks better than most others – they are a simple, gray gradient with bright, bold colors that clearly identify coal, iron, gold and other types of resources. That doesn’t mean all of the textures are so boring though. The Jack o’ Lantern is one of the best looking blocks in Genuscraft, though simple blocks like cobblestone and furnaces feature patterns and colors which make them appear three dimensional.



In a way, the Genuscraft pack doesn’t seem to know what it’s trying to be. There are elements from a number of different resource pack types, like rustic, medieval, simple and even modern packs. All of this is combined into something which is a mess to look at, but which simultaneously manages to be easy on the eyes. It’s really difficult to explain the look of Genuscraft because there aren’t many other resource packs like it. One thing it does share with lots of other packs is the fact it isn’t finished yet. At about 10% completion, there’s still a lot more content coming for this pack.



To be totally up front, many of the textures which have been added to Genuscraft actually came from another resource pack called DestinyPack. They’re both from the same author so there wasn’t any plagiarism or anything like that, but the fact you can see much of content which is “fresh” in Genuscraft by just using a different pack will probably bother some players. Overall this pack still needs a lot of work and the textures it does have are redundant, so it could go either way.

Genuscraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added Spruce, Oak, Jungle and Dark Oak Logs.
  • Added Redstone Lamps.
  • Added Prismarine Bricks/Dark/Raw.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: infered5

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