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Guilt Trip Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Some mods add new weapons, armor and items to Minecraft that allow the player to transcend the normal limits of power, being heavily enchanted diamond gear. Other mods give players new ways to travel, like animal mounts, special boats, airplanes and more. Then you get ones like the Guilt Trip mod, which are in a league all their own. The only thing this mod does is display little “reminders” which float around your character whenever you kill something in your world. The point of it is to guilt players about the creatures they murder, according to the author.


The thing is, you get those little reminders even for creatures which aren’t so innocent – like slime cubes and other things which are actually trying their best to kill you. What happens is, when you kill something, an itty bitty version of it will start to float around your character’s head, for a time. Or maybe they will stay forever! That’s one of the extra creepy features about the Guilt Trip mod. Sometimes, you never get over a guilt trip, and you’re unable to forget about something you killed. It’s an interesting concept and executed rather well here, if you’re into the psychological stuff.

Unfortunately, the potential in the Guilt Trip mod is never exactly realized. While killing chickens and cubes of slime is standard stuff, killing other players isn’t something everyone does. This mod could be even better if dead players would surround their killer’s head, haunting him or her from the afterlife. But that doesn’t happen here. It’s a feature which really seems to just belong with this mod, but there’s no talk of it being implemented yet. Still, since there are updates being released for Guilt Trip, it could be something which becomes a part of the mod in the future.

Guilt Trip Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Some bugs fixed!
  • Update for MC 1.8!

Download Links for Guilt Trip Mod

Note: This mod requires Minecraft Forge

for Minecraft 1.8

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