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Nidaros Cathedral Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Occasionally you get a custom Minecraft map which is actually based on something from reality – a place, a person or a thing. The Nidaros Cathedral map is one of these. Based on a cathedral sharing the same name which was built during the 11th century in Trondheim, Norway, this is a pretty accurate representation of the landmark it mimics. St. Olav would probably smile at the sight of the cathedral built in his honor now reproduced in the world of Minecraft. Unfortunately, while it looks great from the outside, the building doesn’t have much to offer on the interior.







That’s usually what you get from custom maps like this though. They look great on the surface but they lack real depth. That’s not to say the Nidaros Cathedral map doesn’t have an inside, because it does. It’s just nowhere near as elegant or beautiful as the building from the outside, and that might be disappointing to some players considering the amount of work, time and detail which went into creating the building. Still, if you transplant the cathedral from this map into a world of your own, you could build the interior yourself while you adventure. It does make a pretty cool base after all.

Download Links for Nidaros Cathedral Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Norway_Lover – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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